Find Your Why Workshop

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Your reason for existence in the corporate landscape is extremely important for self and employee discovery, community awareness and so much more. The “why” at the core of your organization can make or break your business, but finding it isn’t so simple.


Revo takes you and your leadership team step-by-step to help find your “why” to determine the bigger meaning in doing business. Our interactive workshop is designed to guide you in creating a crystal-clear “why” statement, which will then help us form your vision, mission and values statements.

Not sure what these are and how they relate to your organization? Here’s how we break them down:

Vision Statement:

Your vision statement clearly defines the bigger belief behind your business. It isn’t simply about laying brick. It’s about building a cathedral. Your vision statement is a simple, yet powerful reminder to everyone that you are working towards something bigger.

Mission Statement:

Simply put, your mission statement succinctly states what you do, who you do it for, how you do it and why it matters. This acts as your road map and decision maker on everything your business does.

Values Statement:

Your values define how you do business. It’s an accountability tool for yourself and your company. If you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything. Your values tell the world how you act and what matters most to your company.

Next Steps:

Once you’ve defined your “why,” we will help you fold it into your business plan. Your company has what it takes to be a difference maker . We help you find and define what it takes based on your specific “why.”

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"Revo's Find Your Why Workshop truly transformed my company into something bigger than profit." — Devin Thomas