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What We Do

Programs & Services

  • Revved Up

    A merger of experts and drinks. The two come together to educate different target markets about how they can contribute to the social impact movement.

  • 73 Hours

    Our version of Startup Weekend. We’ve pulled together the best of the Startup Weekend model and the reverse pitch and smashed them into one.

  • 7 Weeks

    A crash course in social entrepreneurship. For 7 weeks participants will be thrown into the startup world where they will learn the hustle and flow of entrepreneurship.

  • 73 Days

    Our hard sprint. For 73 days our entrepreneurs will be put through an accelerated program where they will validate and build.

  • Aftershock

    The follow through. After the sprint, Nonprofit Hub will use its space to actually teach our sprinters the audacity of entrepreneurship. Focus, failing, rising again, full engagement and winning over others will be taught so our entrepreneurs are equipped with the soft skills necessary to solve community problems.

  • Revo takes you and your leadership team step-by-step to help find your “why” to determine the bigger meaning in doing business. Our interactive workshop is designed to guide you in creating a crystal-clear “why” statement, which will then help us form your vision, mission and values statements.